AJ Mojaddidi

Key Cyber Solutions is a leading Enterprise IT consulting firm that specializes in superior Cybersecurity, Cloud, Mobile and Enterprise IT services for both government and commercial organizations.

As a premier services company, our clients are our top priority and your success is our objective. At Key Cyber Solutions, we value the long-term relationships we establish with our clients—we ultimately become virtual extensions of their own organizations. Our subject matter experts, project managers and engineering teams work together with our clients to understand their specific requirements and to create a common, shared goal. We strive to empower our clients through our solutions and accelerators, capitalizing on the client's new and existing IT assets to enable streamlined processes, operational efficiencies and stronger growth. ​ We were conceived with an entrepreneurial spirit that sets aim toward customer delight in all of our associations. We incubate the leadership attributes of our employees by promoting entrepreneurial ventures, and combine that with strong technical credentialing and innovative business planning.

Key Cyber Solutions has invested in sustaining a solid infrastructure that is reflected in our world-class network of people, processes, technology, and knowledge of the work environment in which we provide end-to-end solutions to our clients worldwide. These investments enhance the productivity rates per employee while significantly reducing project-centric risks for our clients.

We invite you to see the difference and experience the value.